The purpose of this energetic empowerment is to align you with those powers associated with seven Goddesses of the Moon:

• Isis
• Astarte
• Diana
• Hecate
• Demeter
• Kali
• Inanna

The manual of this attunement teaches you about their stories and legends, assisting you in drawing the moon into yourself.

This empowerment brings in an ethereal matrix of support, enabling us to exist in harmony with the lunar phases and is so doing, enrich our lives, our emotional systems and our spirituality in the process.

Included in the manual:
• Who are the Goddesses of The Moon
• Which Goddess is aligned to each of the major chakras?
• Timing of The Moon and The Tides and uses for Sea-Magick
• Moon cycles and The Full and Waning Celtic Moons
• Herbs of The Moon Goddesses

Goddess Guardians of the Moon connects you more deeply with the energies of Moonstone, encouraging hope, enhancing feminine energies, sensitivity, intuition and bringing strong abundance into your life. Moonstone is associated with the Crown Chakra.

Founder: Philip Hilton