999 Kali Power Source Activation infuses energetic works with the high power source which is Kali. Kali is a destroyer of evil forces, and the fiercest form of Shakti. This attunement helps you to invoke, connect and engage with Kali’s power source in any area of your life, but especially spiritually to bring liberation by removing illusions. It also brings in a 999 energy infusion and spiritual power to assist you.

Kali means time. She helps you through the stages of your life, especially the difficult ones. 999 Kali Power Source accelerates and becomes an augmented power source, amplifying your energy work.

This attunement interconnects with the energy of renewal, enhancing the power of rejuvenation in all area of your life. When you activate these energies, it replenishes your energy treatments, healings, meditations, divinations, tarot readings and spells, and stimulates restoration.

Use 999 Kali Power Source to promote victory in your daily life with the help of Kali to achieve highest results.

Founder: Ferry Puthut Handoko