The Neteru Healing System is a new expression of an ancient universal energy force. Like Seichim it is a powerful healing system and is complete in itself. You do not need to be attuned to any other Egyptian, or Reiki system to use this. In fact, it is suitable for even those with no healing experience. It is a gentle, yet powerful system.

The Neteru System is perfect for both hands on healing, as well as distance work. With this Healing system you will also learn a unique Chi-Ball method, The Black Scarab & Golden Pyramid. This is an extremely powerful and effective tool for passing on distance attunements and has never before been released before.

Other uses for Neteru Duality Egyptian Healing System:

Animal Healing: The same techniques used for humans can also work very well for animals, regardless of size, or species.
Self-Healing: This is somewhat self-explanatory. Simply use the energy on yourself.
Room cleansing: To use the energy for room cleansing simply direct the energy from your hands in a sweeping arc. As you do this visualize a deep purple light sweeping the room. Whilst doing this
Energy Balancing: Use for this when a room feels negative, or someone has recently had an upset, or argument. Direct the energy from your hands in a sweeping arc. As you do this visualize a pink light sweeping the room At the same time feel love emanating from your heart chakra.

Founder: Philip Hilton