The Divine Cosmic Womb Unity Maintenance Attunement provides a powerful
connection with the universal divine cosmic womb for healing the collective feminine, empowerment, creativity, equality, and enlightenment. It aims to assist you in embracing
equality, unity, harmony, love, compassion, creation, and loving universal support.

This energy attunement heals, restores, and balances feminine energies without being viewed from a fear perspective. Fear is exceptionally corrosive that undermines, weakens and divides. When viewed from a fear-based perspective, feminine energies are weakened, divided, and your connection with spirit reduced. This system works to clear any fear-based energies, allowing for empowerment and maintaining a balanced and robust connection with the divine cosmic womb.

Equality, unity and respect are the core aspects of the Divine Cosmic Womb Unity Maintenance Attunement. It recognizes and fully acknowledges that we are all one. There is no separation of feminine and masculine energy, only different aspects. It does not give more importance to either aspect of energy; they are all one. If there is a separation in perspective or judgement of either aspect, then a division has occurred. This may result in a loss of equality and separationfrom oneness.

The Divine Cosmic Womb Unity Maintenance Attunement ensure that the energies provided are equal, balanced and in oneness. It is designed to be used by both women and men. It does not recognize gender or sexuality.

The divine cosmic womb represents the creative, nurturing, compassionate, caring and
expressive aspect of universal energy. It is the aspect where the birth of ideas and creation
resides in the universe.

The divine cosmic womb is a core idea referred to in many different belief systems. It embraces the concept of creation, and even more importantly, you are the activate creator. You can create, nurture and heal directly with these energies, without having to give your power away to a deity, belief system or patriarchal systems. No one, not through connections or specific teachings, owns access to the divine cosmic womb. You don’t need an intermediary when you are the divine cosmic womb.

The divine cosmic womb is not a distant place in the Universe; it is part of you and everyone and thing around you. We are all one and creation is who you are. You have the power to actively create in every thought, emotion, action and reaction; both consciously and subconsciously. It is vital that equality is central to all that you do. If you create from a divided or intolerant place, you will create something divided, which is contrary to what feminine energy strives to achieve.

Feminine energies are energies that represent equality, unity, harmony, love, compassion,
creation, support and nurture. Feminine energies are strong, resilient, encouraging and
incredibly empowering.

Founder: Craig MacLennan

$ 63