Mother Mary is also called “Mother of the World.”

Mother Mary is a beautiful, powerful ascended master of great love, wisdom and compassion. She protects women and children and intercedes in healing.

The energies of this system will release the hold that negative
energies, memories and actions have upon you. It will restore your
inner harmony with the Love of the Divine.

This healing system can heal past childhood wounds, allowing love to flow more freely within you, around you, and clear negative thought patterns that block you from self-love.
When we can be kind and compassionate to ourselves in this way we can do
the same for others.

The loving energies of Mother Mary will help to enhance your love by inspiring you to be aware of the way that you speak to yourself. There are many people who are very harsh on themselves. This is the relentless inner critic that beats up on you. when we make a mistake. You will learn many affirmations through this attunement to The energies of Mother Mary and this healing system will help to realign you, rejuvenate and refresh you, and helping you have more energy to give to others.

When you take time to nurture yourself you have more energy to give. Itt is important to take time out to nurture yourself, and store up energy for yourself. This can also help you if you are a healer. can give more energy.

During your attunement Mother Mary will give you a beautiful pink etheric rose quartz that expands your heart chakra, filling your heart with more love, wisdom and power, helping us to nourish Mother Earth as well!

Founder: Tracey Loper

Image artist unknown. If this is yours, please contact me so I can give you proper credit for this beautiful rendition of Mother Mary.