Light Body Code Generator thrusts you into a more refined Light Body. Dense energies drop away. Ragged links and geometries are snipped away from the outside of your Light Body as your form is prepared to receive Light Body Codes that are your passport through dimensions.

You can receive vibrant and adaptive energy that fits you instantly, helping you to increase your vibrational frequency and experience the joys of receiving spiritual insights.

This attunement assesses then cleans up obsolete codes and energy links on the outer layer of your light body. You might consider your Light Body to be your passport to other realms during night sleep and daytime meditations or spiritual journeys. This new energy can promote healthier interactions with people. Light Body Code generator can be activated to keep you from slipping into old patterns with others, and much more!

Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture

Master Teacher $90

Personal Use: $63