Ra-Sheeba is a very powerful attunement to Universal Healing Energy. It is not a widespread Reiki technique.

You will receive initiations with the sun-god Ra, the goddess Isis, the masters of the Great Central Sun, the masters of Ra-Sheeba, and the Dragon Guides.

The energy of Ra-Sheeba is several times stronger and indescribable, you must simply experience it.

In the beginning, when Ra~Sheeba first was given back to mankind, with so few holding the Energy at that time, it was a recommendation to be a Reiki Master or of a similar vibration to have an initiation in to the Ra-Sheeba energy to be able to hold the Energy… However, Ra~Sheeba has filtered out around the world with many Masters in around 24 countries holding and working with the Energy.

Nowadays, people that are drawn, that resonate with Ra~Sheeba, are at a vibration that they are able to hold the Energy and be Attuned even if they have not done Reiki or a similar energy work before.

The founders of Ra-Sheeba wrote that as a collective vibration of human energy we have reached the required level of vibration to work with this energy. The last time this level of energy was accessed in Egypt was when the Watchers Vibration was at this level. The Pharaohs and Egyptian Deities had this power. When the last Pharaoh died the energy was lost for a time.

These Deities are here and ready to activate this energy once again.

This time it will be held by many and will valuable in assisting in their ascension process.

This time it is not, and cannot be abused as here are many people holding the energies. These holders need to be able to show their integrity, and then the greater flow of energy will return as never before.

This is the first time that the Ra energy is combined with the Sheeba energy.

Sheeba energy is the sexual, creative energy, is joyful and an expression of love. It is the Feminine part of this column of Universal Healing Energy that leads straight to the Source.

The Ra – The Source comes from the center of the Great Central Sun.

The Sheeba Shows the way to the Ra. Only Through Sheeba can we access Ra and find our true path home.

The RaSheeba helaing works directly on the Chakras, changing the DNA and electromagnetics. This teaches us and connects us to LOVE. Love is the thing that helps us progress on all leel.s.

We need to hold the energy and allow the vibration to change us.


Ra-Sheeba attracts people who are ready for this energy and resonate with the idea of receiving these powerful frequencies.

Very often they are people who have a very strong connection with past lives in Egypt. At the moment it is those who “contracted” to be once again “The Watchers” and holders of the Ra-Sheeba energy.

If you follow your inner guidance, you will know whether this energies are for you.


It changes your vibration, changes your soul colors and opens the way for love to flow within your being.


You will resonate with the vibration. At the moment it is those who “contracted” to be once again “The Watchers” and holders of the Ra energy.


Because of the intensity and power of the Ra-Sheeba energy, only those of that vibration can hold it and able to use it.

When we work with Ra-Sheeba energy, there are many beings that come to help with the changes of your experiences. They will also bring with them various forms of energy that express different aspects of our being. One of these is a dragon.

Once, the dragon guides in our dimension stayed and moved inter-dimensionally. When Atlantis was to disappear, it was the dragons who were able to save their companions and bring them to other countries where the Atlanteans could live with other nations.

But there were people that differed from the Atlanteans, were brutal, and did not understand the way the Atlanteans lived. That was why during this time dragons pulled back into their dimensions and were no longer available to people. They stayed away until the time came when people who have the vibration are allowing them to remember their dragon companions – and they will then call and ask for return and support on their soul’s path.

Many people start to wake up again and remember the dragons. The veil, which covers the dragon’s dimension, is thinning. It is enough for some people to see and hear their own dragon companions. Dragons are full of wisdom and knowledge.

Listen to them and they will teach you and help you on your journey. Love them because they are your companions from ancient times … and so wonderful and wise beings …

So, in the Consecration of the Sun God, you will also get guidance on how to create a Dragon Voice – in order to summon this dragon energy to support you on the path of your soul.


In this level you will receive the Ra-Sheeba symbols and explanations of the healing technique. You will be able to self-study and use Ra-Sheba energy for your own healing.

During Attunement you may have strong experiences of meeting your Higher Self, encountering Ra-Sheeba beings, experience and visions of past lives in Egypt. You feel the presence of dragon guides who have been with us since mythical Atlantis.

After initiation, the aura’s colors change to gold and light green. Healing abilities are increasing, DNA is changing, and the spiritual capacity of the initiate is increasing, the path to love opens to flow through your being. Your increased vibration will have a positive impact on your surroundings.


In this Attunement you will receive the initiation process and the privilege of performing attunements for other people. As a Ra-Sheeba Master you will be initiated into more healing symbols with which can be used for healing. The second stage will increase your energy to the crystalline structure, allowing you to hold more light.

Your healing abilities expand, your intuition will be strengthened and you will be more joyful & happier. Your connection with Love – Source is strengthened.

Part of the second level is the symbol for astral travel and a symbol to activate indigo and clairvoyant children, helping them remember the tasks of their earthly existence.

As Master of Ra-Sheeba you will be able to use a set of symbols to facilitate the healing of the biological system, chakras, energy field and spiritual body. Another set of symbols is used to work with the polarity of the human psyche, activates our divine sexuality through the unification of our female and male aspects. It goes to great depth and subsequent cleaning is intense to experience. Be aware it`s very strong energy and you will need to integrate is 🙂 so go easy on yourself in next 2 days.


Activating Divine Light is a masterpiece of Ra-Sheeba its highest form. It’s suitable for Masters who want to continue working on their spiritual growth, who want to increase their light potential in all their 13 bodies and increase their vibration.

You will be initiated into the new set of symbols and self-study. You will be given a cleansing and initiation ritual and then will be able perform Ra-Sheeba initiations for others, and can simply emanate Ra-Sheeba energy even being able to heal others simply by them being in your presence.
Initiation into the Grand Master and Teacher is primarily for your faster progress on your spiritual path, gaining greater contact with yourself and with your life force.

New levels of understanding will open up, new possibilities, especially in relation to other beings. Then you will have the opportunity to spread the light, information and knowledge even more. Assuming you already have a lot of processed themes of the material world, your mission and your spiritual journey. The Grand Master and Teacher will test this strongly.

A Minimum 2 weeks between Attunements is recommended. Ra-Sheeba is very strong energy and you will need time to integrate this energy.

Founders: Merilyn Bretherick & Peter Johanson. There may be a gap in the lineage but the energies are amazing, and I always clear every lineage of any system I work with. . Contact me for more details about this, or purchase here: https://www.motherearthreiki.com/2018/04/29/attunement-lineage-clearing-maintenance-attunement/ or https://www.motherearthreiki.com/2021/04/01/the-lineage-clearing-empowerment/