The Dynamic Sekhmet Connections Maintenance Attunement provides a quick, easy and effective way to connect energetically with the benevolent light energies associated with goddess Sekhmet. This may include specific qualities, aspects, teachings, spiritual practices, consciousness etc., for healing, energetic protection, inner strength, personal power, moving forward, overcoming obstacles, spiritual path and support.

Functions included in the attunement:
• Energetic connections with dynamic Sekhmet energies.
• Energetic connections with the qualities associated with Sekhmet.
• Access the energies of Sekhmet teachings and consciousness.
• 35 built-in Sekhmet energy healing and spiritual functions.
• Healing on all levels.
• Energetic protection.
• Inner strength.
• Personal power.
• Moving forward.
• Overcoming obstacles.
• Spiritual path and support.
• Spiritual development.
• Can be combined with any energy practice.
• Great addition to any energy healing practices.
• Raise your vibration.

Founder: Craig MacLennan