This energy puts you into exact alignment with the Goddesses Isis and Nephthys, by connecting you with their direct energetic signature.

The Two Sisters are not so much opposites as complements to each other. It is interesting that Isis and Nephthys seem to have become attached to different aspects of Hathor in Their association with Her.

Sad at Heart Nephthys became connected with Hathor, Lady of Joy and Divine Intoxication. Lady of Governance Isis became connected with Hathor the soft-eyed Cow Mother, the Mother of the God, and the Lady of Amenti.

Yet, as always, these roles are fluid and the Two Sisters flow into one another, even as They express different aspects of Their Divinity. However, even though at times they can seem almost as one, they are very much their own beings and as such each has their own specialist areas of working and aiding those in need of their own particular skills.

Calling in first their allied energies and then calling on them for assistance can be both an inspirational as well as a rewarding experience. The manual contains prayers to both Isis and Nephthys, and a guided meditation to meet and work with them.

Founder: Philip Hilton