The energy of the Golden Triangle attunement is high frequency energy connected to Goddess Isis. You will be attuned to the Golden Triangle symbol to enhance working with the energies of this system. You may see the symbol spinning in your third eye after receiving the attunement. It may also appear each time you use the energy. Don’t worry if you don’t see anything though – you are still receiving these very powerful energies!

The Golden Triangle is a special spiritual technique that can be used in many ways for healing yourself or others. It may be used together with other energy systems.

After your attunement you may find that your psychic abilities increase as well.

The manual offers some exercises and techniques:
The Intention Exercise
Third Eye Stimulation
The Golden Column
Inviting Isis
Golden Triangle Basic Toning Exercise
Finding Your New Golden Triangle Tones Exercise

Founders: Isis, James Purner