Roses are very strong in their energy vibration. Roses sacred to Isis the Egyptian Goddess said to be the most complete Goddess form ever evolved. The rose fairies carry the power of all the other fairies combined and with other nature spirits such as the Devas.

The Fairy of the Red Rose brings in the passion associated with red rose . She revives your blood makes you come alive again, bringing in the essence of pulsating romance both of the heart and of the body. Sensual pleasure and drown your Inhibitions are some things the red rose can help you enjoy.

The White Rose fairy brings in more of a purifying aspect of love, more rooted in the spirit then the body, a heavenly divine experience of love. The essence of the white fairy is one of peace, purity, refinement, serenity, wisdom and divinity. The red rose fairy helps us enjoy earthy pleasures. The White Rose fairy helps us balance, center and realign our consciousness to our divine soul within.

The Pink rose fairy brings in sweetness, playfulness, laughter, caring, bonding, affection, gentility and femininity. The love the pink energy integrates, unifies and heals all negativity transmuting all anger and hatred into understanding and love. She brings in the flow of grace of sweet relaxation that allows us to be receptive to all forms of love flowing our way.

The Yellow Rose fairy brings in hope and renewal like the rising sun. She revives all stagnant energy, brings in fresh perspective and fresh flow. She also brings in warmth helping things grow that were previously dead. She also brings in power and can help us rise into our own divine authentic power. She gives us the energy to really walk our talk and live authentically.

Founder: Tina Sarup