Roses also attract the Fairies to any garden. The sweet scent will lure elemental spirits to take up residence close by. Roses can be used in all Fairy love spells.

The Rose has many physical healing properties. When drawing upon the vibrational energies of the Rose, you may concentrate on these healing attributes, to accelerate these physical healings, and more.

• Reduces congestion of blood and soothes inflamed areas.
• Rose water is refreshing and sooths. Reduces inflammation and redness in eyes.
• Regulates menstruation and checks uterine hemorrhages.
• Water with Rose oil helps as a gargle for ulcers in the mouth.
• Rose water helps to strengthen teeth and gums.
• Gulkhand- A real tasty way to preserve roses. Clears and tones intestines.
• Roses are effective in the treatment of acidity.
• Roses inhaled relaxes the brain and heart.
• Roses are a natural deodorant.

Some functions of Floral Essences – Rose Vibrational Healing Clearing Attunement:

Increases beauty, both physical and inner
Offers protection against negative entities and energies
Give purification of all kinds
Used to draw love to those that desire
Help to enhance psychic powers
Offer soothing, healing energy
Assist in all divination
Bring about peace
Healing, luck, calling in good spirits
Work against bronchitis, flu and colds
Help clearing the lungs
Heal duodenum ulcers

You will learn about:

Using the oils of Roses and performing Magickal Spells.

White Roses to connect with spiritual love, your soul mate, pure love, eternal and unconditional love.

Red Roses to bring you passionate love, earthly love, sexual love.

Pink Roses for love, romance, sexual attraction and marital relations, as well as using the incense to bring good luck in matters of the heart.

Orange Roses to bring you happy love, lively sprit, lightness, brightness and carefree love.

Yellow Roses to promote love, deep friendship, understand and true companionship. Yellow Rose oil to deepen understanding between partners, strengthening relationships, finding friendship, learning about angels, guides, prophets and the Universe.

Founder: Elaine DeCarlo