The energy Magdalene’s Pink Bliss Divine Light is Flame and Ray energy.

There are two symbols included in this attunement.

This energy system is heart and higher heart centered. It flows through you for healing, to send healing and compassion to all that exists on Earth and in the Heavens.

This energy is perfect bliss
perfect love and happiness.
Calmness in every moment
by moment

Pink Bliss is a healing modality and a deep connection to Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine. Mary Magdalene is the guardian of this energy. This energy is pure, coming from the Divine Feminine. It continues to build with you over time.

Magdalene’s Pink Bliss Divine Light is a very high vibrational energy that fills you with with Bliss energy. It is calming, peaceful and gentle but very powerful at the same time. The energy comes from Mary Magdalene herself, brining love and compassion, understanding and nurturing of yourself and others. It is light that fills your aura and chakras with a sense of security.

Founder: Kim Ora Rose