Even with the best of intentions an attunement system can pick up negative energy
or become “hacked” by negative entities as it is passed from student to student. This
is often the case when a system has been in existence for many years. This can
happen if:

• Poor preparation: when proper cleansing, grounding and protection rituals are
not used during attunement process. The meditation space that either party is
working in has not been cleansed and sanctified for its purpose. If sacred
space is not created during the attunement procedure to contain, direct and
protect the energy it can lead to the system becoming weakened or ineffective
and open to negative energy.

• The Attuner or student is ill or experiencing intensely powerful negative
emotions such as anger, resentment, fear, depression, stress or grief. These
emotions will all become encoded within the energy stream that will be
passed on along with the system.

• Outside influences such as “dark energy workers” (the opposite to light
workers) or negative entities, that have hacked into the energy stream and left
their own imprints and influences within it to destroy or distort the energy often
leaving holes in the auric field or energy cords they can later use for access
and to manipulate.

• Weak or nonexistent intent to send the energy. We see this often from those
termed “energy Shopkeepers” who buy attunements in bulk and don’t even
bother calling in the system’s energies themselves before selling on the
manuals very cheaply and proclaiming the attunement has been “chi-balled”
for the student but no information, guidance, feedback or experience of the
session is shared with the student.

Attunement Lineage: Cleanse, Filter & Protection can help with the following:

• Cleanse the affected system of all negative energy and interference
• Protect and strengthen any systems you are currently attuned to
• Lineage clean-up from the founder of the system down through each person,
• to you.
• Act as a filter you can use when calling in any new systems

You will be attuned to a symbol that can be used any time you call in a new attunement, attune a student, or want to strengthen the lineage of a system or cleanse it of any negative energies. You can also use it before healing sessions to strengthen, protect and purify the connection between yourself as healer and your client.

Founder: Raine Hilton