Health does not always come from medicine. Most of the time, it comes from peace of mind, peace in the heart, peace in the soul and love.

Spirit (Sophia God) and my guides and angels have shared a way to share the light of healing, hope and recovery through a protocol for people who have covid. I have successfully used it and was told by the recipients that it was immensely helpful. It seems to speed the healing time, and reduce some of the symptoms when provided to others. It can also be used for yourself.

A testimonial: This has been such an ordeal to go through. Thank you for everything. Marcy, what you did for me was much more than spiritual. It was also physical and very amazing as I move through my recovery. I am so blessed by you.

I am offering the following protocol at a special discounted rate. The order is determined by the need as requested to me. They can be done in any order that suits individual needs.

There are many options.

It can be purchased as an entire package including all 21 of the distant energy attunements listed below for 66% off the regular fees of individual attunements.

For 6 or more choices at a time, it is being offered for 45% off regular fees.

Individual attunements can be purchased for 33% off each one.

Payment Plans are available.

A sliding scale is also available to make these energies available to those in need.

The regular fee for all 21 attunements is $1233. The discounted fee is $419.22

The discounted fee for the entire package (66% off) is $406.89

These attunements will be shared with you distantly. If you choose the entire package, they will be spaced out over a few days. If you have never worked with energy attunements before, I will provide you simple information about how to receive the energies.

To see descriptions of each attunement at their regular fee click on the links below.

To purchase, contact me at: or begin the process through Instant Messenger. I will send you a Paypal invoice to you via email.


Angelic Elemental Templates:

Rosa Mystica:

Medication By-Product Remover: 

Silver Flame Reiki:

Infection Inhibitor Field:

Jesus Spikenard Anointing Blessing Empowerment:

Ethereal Cedar Core:

Throat Chakra Light Care:

Lung Care:

Kidneys and Bladder Care:

Golden Solar Ray Healing:

Red Rose Reiki:

Purple Bubble Energetic Care:

Lavander Healing Energy:

Etheric Herbal Remedies:

The Ferocious Resilience of Sekhmet Activation:

River Sleep Enhancement:

Transcendental Healing Energy:

God’s Clearing and Purification With Angel Taharial:

Shamanic Prayer Tree Empowerment:

Black Cohosh Protection and Negativity Flush:


Health does not always come from medicine. Most of the time, it comes from peace of mind, peace in the heart, peace in the soul and love.